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F1- H1 stamping in Mexico

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  • F1- H1 stamping in Mexico

    OPT expired in June 2004 but got H1 approved from Oct 2004. did any one in this situation went for H1 stamping recently at Canada or Mexico? If so could you please share your experience , really appreciate feedback.
    Thank you

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    H1 Stamping from Mexico or Canada


    you can go to either Mexico or Canada if your H1 has "started", rem you cant travel back on "OPT" card as its clearly written that its not a valid document to return.

    imp thing: have all your docs in original, i cant stress enough on this fact.
    google on document list to take either to mexico or canada.

    problem: god forbid: if you are rejected then you will have to be prepared for anything.

    its a risk anyone has to take, so decide properly.

    Take care