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Urgent Help on F2-->H1

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  • Urgent Help on F2-->H1

    Dear friend:
    My wife is currently holding F2 visa in US. Her previous Boss(in her F1 OPT part time) is interested in letting her working there.
    My question is, is it possible to change F2 visa to H1 visa without leaving US? Coz I heard that you must come back to the original country in order to transfer from F2 to H1, is it true?

    THanks a million. If you can forward an email to me, that would be better. But anyway, thanks a lot.

    an[email protected]

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    As far as I know, you can get your H1 documents from a company and start working as a record is entered within the INS, you get your pay cheques and the normal stuff. the issue of visa arises when u leave the country and come back.
    so if you leave the country make it a point to get your visa stamped before you enter.

    Take care


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      Thanks for your reply.
      Can I make sure that, the process of Changing from F2->H1 can be done within US, while the only issue is that next time when you leave US and come back, you need to apply for a different Visa(H1), which is relatively hard. Is that correct?



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        It is very common that F1s convert into H1bs. The stamping is required only if you have to leave US for some reason and re-enter. You do not have to leave US if your only intention is to get the passport stamped. You can legally start working if your H1b has been approved.
        Yes, the consular interview will be tough, but if documents and your handling the Consular Officer is good, then he/she won't reject the visa.