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Can I start working while my H1 is in process

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  • Can I start working while my H1 is in process

    I have a very peculiar problem. I am student and I am graduating on Aug 14, 2005 and my OPT starts from Oct 1, 2005.

    Meanwhile I got a job which I am supposed to join by Sep 6, 2005.

    Now my question is can I start working for the company before my OPT starts. Is it possible or will it affect me in any way in my near future.

    If I cannot work then, Can anybody plzzz tell me what would be the best way I could adopt so that there would be no problem.

    Thank you.


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    Working on OPT


    First of all, you cannot work without a valid OPT/EAD document or without a Temp OPT/EAD document and most companies dont allow that..
    there's a work around too... if you had applied for OPT and its approved and you have not recieved within 90 days then you can got to your nearest INS office and get a Temp OPT/EAD document and start working...
    some of them even start working on understanding basis, like work for the company and start getting paid as soon as they get their OPT/EAD but this is risky as if a record goes to INS that you have worked without proper docs then your ass is toast.

    you have to make a choice,

    Take care....