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H1B Processing question

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  • H1B Processing question


    I am currently in L1 visa and applied for H1B. (sponsered by employer). The problem is I'm planning a vacation to my native country around the end of october or first week of november. Heard that if I am out of US, my H1B get cancelled. Is it true?

    If it is what about my spouse. She is currently in L2 which will become H4 in Oct 2005 (once I got H1B). Is she able to go our native country during my H1B processing?

    Also I have applied for a personal appearance in our country's US consoulate.

    Thanks in advance.

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    My understanding is that once your H1 is approved its cool, but please note:
    1. if your H1 Starts say Oct 1, and you leave the country before say sept 1, you can enter US 10 days prior to start date, so you might want to schedule your appt date accordingly. I am telling this becoz I had gone thru this...

    you might want to schedule the appt in such a way that both you and ur wife can go together and avoid other crappy situation.

    Take care man..