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  • Changing Company

    Hi all,

    I have this confusing situation.
    1. I am changing companies say from A to B. say company B will apply for transfer and upon receipt from INS I start working for B. I have heard from my friends that it takes anywhere b/w 3-6 months for your new H1 approval letter. is it true? meanwhile...

    2. My wife is going for Visa, she has all the documents from Company A, does she require all the documents submitted by Company B? ( i mean does company B submit a new LCA... etc ) or just the offer letter and the receipt info (INS) from Company B?

    Thank you,

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    Hi Asteria the gaul,
    If by the time your wife goes for her interview, you have the receipt no. and other details of the B company, then your wife can carry those for the interview, and produce the same at the interview, in which case her pasport will be stamped with Co.B H4.
    But if you do not have those details, then she has to get only the old H4 stamping of co.A.