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  • Passport Question

    1. My employer is going to file H1B on 1st April. My current passport was expiring in Feb 2014 and therefore I have just renewed my passport. I have send copies of both my old as well as new passport to my employer for visa filing on April 1st. DO I need to carry both passport during visa interview or I should carry only the new passport? I know it doesn't harm carrying the old passport as well but just asking.

    2. My child's passport is expiring on July 2014. I can't renew his passport before July 2013 as per rule of India passport office. This means my employer will use my child's current passport copies for H4 filing on April 1st. I will obviously renew and get my child's new passport on July 2013. Otherwise at port of entry my child will get I-94 only till July 2014. Now my question is during visa interview I will carry 2 passport for my child - one which I am sending for visa filing but will be in cancelled status during interview and the other should be the new passport I will get hand on July 2013. Will it may create any problem in visa stamping of my child if the officer asks why we have a new passport when the petition has different passport name? Although in new passport we always have old passport number as well.

    I am not very sure about the passport rule and that's why asking these stupid questions. Anybody who knows the passport rule kindly answer my questions.