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H1B expiring in 6 months - Complicated Situation

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  • H1B expiring in 6 months - Complicated Situation

    I had put myself in this complicated situation. any suggestion please

    MY H1 is Expiring on Oct 13(I can recapture 60 days), current employer(a) has NOT agreed to file my labor. Luckily i have got 1 employer(b) who is willing to start my GC process.

    My Spouse is working in H1B.

    My options:
    Planning to work till Oct with Employer A. File H1 to H4 in Oct...So I will have 2 months left in my H1b expiry and come back to H1 to employer B if perm and I140 is approved. In this case even it goes for audit Can I expect the result in Feb 13?

    Is the above scenario is possible ?

    1. How much time it takes to transfer for from H1 to H4?. Do I have start even before Oct. I have resign in employer A accordingly.
    2. with Expired h1 can the new employer can file transfer and extension after perm/i140 is approved.

    Considering H1 to F1 and work on CPT is this a better option.

    I cannot go back to india because of huge loans(all my mistake). Any suggestions to over come this.