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Interview Questions for EVCC in Chennai

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  • Interview Questions for EVCC in Chennai

    I am working for my employer X and my employer X is in contract with client V. Where is V is owned by a company C.

    So i am employed by X and working at C through V so it looks more like EVCC. And i have my visa interview scheduled next week.
    I have all the documents including my client letter. But i am confused about few visa interview questions. If any one can suggest me some ideas it will be of great help.

    My client letter is issued by my client V
    My client letter states that my employer is in contract with V and V is fully owned by C and i work through V to C.

    What should i answer if the VO as asks me who is your client?
    should i answer as V or C?

    Also would i need another client letter issued by C in my case?

    Please let me know.