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H4 - filling out DS160

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  • H4 - filling out DS160

    Hi Folks.

    I am currently in US on a valid H1-B (valid for 4 more yrs). I will go to India shortly to get married. I will get the registry marriage done first, then the social marriage. I plan to schedule the H4 visa interview only after the social marriage.

    On DS-160
    1. Should I put my fiance's marital status as single or married? On the day I submit the ds160 she is single but on the day of the interview she will be married.
    2. Travel Section:
      1. Purpose of Trip to US: TEMPORARY WORKER (H) -- This seems to be the only sane option; yet wanted to calirify; Am I right?
      2. Specify: SPOUSE OF AN H (H4) - again, only valid option; am I right?
      3. Principal Applicant's Information:
        1. Given name, Surname
        2. Applicant Receipt / Petition Number - Is this the I797A WAC number?
    3. "Work / Education / Training" section:
      She is not working; so I put "Primary Occupation" as NOT EMPLOYED. Then it asks for "Explain" (a big text box) - what is that for? Or should I put HOME MAKER as the primary occupation?

    Does anyone have any idea of how far into the future can I get a VISA date? If I were to finish the DS160 and pay the fees this week when would I get the two (bio and main) apointment dates?

    Will I have the option to pick a date or will I have to live with whatever the system picks out for me?

    Thanks for the help guys..