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Resignation while transferring H1B

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  • Resignation while transferring H1B

    Currently I am working with Employer A. I got a new opportunity and it is like Employer B - Vendor - End Client. Employer B wants me to resign once I get offer letter from Employer B. Here are my questions

    a) Should I resign even before Employer B files transfer for my H1_B. What is the right time for me to resign?
    b) what If my transfer gets approved and I still want to stick with my Employer A? My visa is expiring on SEP 2013. Can Employer A file my extension after my H1-B transfer to Employer B has been approved?


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    Resignation while transferring H1B

    A. Not a good idea. Have H1B transfer to your new employer in premium mode as you will get the result in 15 days. If you do so, You will be in a better position to decide upon.

    B. At any given point of time, You should work for only one employer and the extension would go through if you want to stay with your current employer.

    This is my personal opinion.