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H1b visa appointment questions

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  • H1b visa appointment questions

    My employer is about to file for my h1b extension. I am currently working remotely.
    I had some questions about the visa appointment questions and would be obliged if someone can answer those...Things have changed since I last went and I am kinda confused...
    1. How easy it is to schedule the fingerprint appointment followed by the consulate appointment on consecutive days? I would be need to travel to Mumbai and would have to make travel arrangements and would prefer to have it on consecutive days. But does the online scheduling system allows you to do that easily?
    2. Do I have to carry all the documents to both the appointment (documents apart from the mandatory ones - e.g. Tax returns, bank statements, etc)
    3. Earlier it was advised to carry a long list of documents incase they asked anything other than the ordinary. Like income proof or tax return or photographs of workplace.
    Is that still the case?
    4. I don't have my receipt number as yet. Can I still at-least pay the bank fees and be ready?
    5. Finally, earlier they would return the passport the same day if you were to collect it from the consulate? Is it no longer the case?
    thanks in advance,