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    Need help with the following:

    I was issued a student (F1) visa on <date> for University 'A'. I took a transfer from University 'A' after completing MS (PhD
    was offered at University 'A' and I-20 was accordingly updated) to
    University 'B' for a PhD . I studied at
    University 'B' 2 semesters and returned back to India
    in without completing the PhD degree. However, I have the MS degree from University 'A'.

    Today I was interviewed at the US consulate in Mumbai, India for H1B
    visa. I was asked to show proof of transfer from univ 'A' to univ 'B'.

    are the following docs ok? the lady said she needed a letter from the dept of homeland sec stating that i have stayed legally, since i had no papers, not even the ones mentioned below.

    1) Original I-20 from University 'A' (which has the immigration
    stamp showing date of entry in the United States)

    2) Original Transfer Report form filled by officials at University 'A' and sent over to the University 'B'

    3) I-20 from from University 'A' (which has the following stamp
    "Transfer authorized to the <name of univ> by International
    Student Counselor" with original stamp,date and signature). They stamped
    the I-20 only after the Transfer Report form was received by them.

    - I-20 at University 'B' is valid until end 2005.

    - During the transfer, the I-20 from University 'A' was valid until
    summer 2006.

    The Visa Officer has also asked for a letter to be furnished from the
    Department of Homeland Security stating that my stay in the United
    States for the 3 years was legal and that I have not violated my status
    during the stay. Please advise on how I should go about doing the same. wud it have helped if i had shown the above mentioned docs? im in a loop now ... dunnno waht to do...

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    The documents you have mentioned would have surely helped. Take copy of I 20 of Univ B. The Officer should be able to compare that with the Indian Immigration stamping on your passport and verify that you were in status.


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      thx veena,

      however, since i did not receive a degree/graduate from university B, is it advisable to ask the univ B to issue a letter stating that i maintained my full time status during my stay at univ B?

      thx a lot , once again


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        hi veena, need ur help

        thx veena,

        however, since i did not receive a degree/not graduate from university B, is it advisable to ask the univ B to issue a letter stating that i maintained my full time status during my stay at univ B?

        thx a lot , once again


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          The fact that your Univ B I 20 was valid till the end of 2005, and came out of US before the expiry of that will prove that you were in status while in US. You can however get a letter from the Univ if they are willing to give you one. It will surely strengthen your case.

          All the Best.
          (NOT LEGAL ADVICE)


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            hello veena... on emore questions...

            the i20 from univ B does not have a signature on the second page which is for travel purposes. cud that somehow make the visa officer feel that i was not eligible to go back to univ B? whereas the fact is that i had decided not to go back so i did not bother to take the signature on the next page for travel purposes.

            awaiting ur reply.


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              hey veena,

              one more thing. during the visa interview, like i mentioned earlier, the visa officer asked me to show a transfer proof ffrom Univ A to Univ B. She said show me a letter from the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS), something like this (pointing to my H1b petition, green color). I told her that i did not change status, so i wud not have a petition , only transfer of school. she said next time when u come in , get letter from ur univ, get all docs possible to prove ur legal stay in the usa.

              i was wondering if DHS issues such kind of a letter??!! My univ is giving me a letter as reqd, + i will take all my I20s next time+my degree from univ A.
              But the DHS thing is eating me up and I am tensed as hell!!!!!!!!!! . I tried to call Customs and Bordr protection, its not under their scope, tey have told me to get in touch with the USCIS.

              What cud she have meant by the DHS letter. All i can take is the I20s + univ letter stating that i was maintaoined my full tim estatus while at Univ B... Transfer form filled by officials at Univ A.

              Sorry to bother u with so many questions, but i am going mad with all this....

              thanks a lot for ur concern.

              pls reply soon......


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                help pls... veena...


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                  You just need to carry all that you already have along with the letter that the University is willing to give you. All you have to do is convince the Officer that you were in status during the period you were in the US. Don't get worked up unnecessarily. If you are tense it will show at the interview and the consular officer will misread it as a desparation to get into US. Just take it easy.
                  (NOT LEGAL ADVICE)