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Questions regarding H4 Visa Application

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  • Questions regarding H4 Visa Application

    I was looking at the H4 visa application process and had a few questions regarding certain questions on the DS-160 and the process in general. Since I will be in India for a short period after marriage and would like to travel back to the US with my wife, and given the fact that the appointment dates usually fill up fast I was planning to have her fill out the DS-160 and schedule a visa stamping appointment prior to the actual wedding. In this regard how should she answer the following questions:
    1. Marital Status - technically she would be single at the time of filling out the form but if she picks "single" as the answer how would her H4 application get connected to my H1-B? Since H4 is dependent visa for H1-B holder's family members I am guessing this connection needs to be made?

    2. Family Information: Relatives - Q: Do you have any immediate relatives not including parents residing the US?
    Among the choices for immediate relatives not including parents, one option is "spouse" should she pick spouse over here?

    3. Family Information: Spouse - Same as above. Should she provide my details here even if the form is filled before marriage?

    4. Is the date and place of marriage asked in an H4 application?

    5. Who is paying for the trip? The answer would either be self or spouse. Does it make the process less complicated if one is chosen above the other as both of us can show the ability to pay for the trip.

    6. Is it beneficial or are there any drawbacks of a court marriage 3-4 months before the actual wedding ceremony? That would make above questions much easier to answer but I am not sure if it will raise any red flags?

    7. Is there any benefit of endorsing spouse's name on the passport prior to visa stamping? and is it required for the wife to change her name in the passport after marriage?

    Anybody here who recently applied for/got a H4 stamped preferably in Mumbai?

    Your help is appreciated,

    Thanks in advance.
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