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Name in H1B-Visa and Passport mismatch

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  • Name in H1B-Visa and Passport mismatch

    Hi All,

    Here is my case:
    In Passport
    Given Name: ABC

    In Visa:
    Given Name: FNU
    Last Name: ABC

    In I-94: (Since I was asked write the details as per my Visa)
    Given Name: FNU
    Last Name: ABC

    Hence I have the Visa and I-94 the same. After landing in US, I went to the SSN office. At the counter the personal informed that my SSN would be with name "FNU ABC". For which he said , SSN is not an issue however in later stages you would face issues because of FNU.
    So he suggested me to visit the "Naturalisation and Immigration office" and get my Visa corrected as per the passport and then get my I-94 changed accordingly and then apply for SSN. This would ensure that everything will be fine later.

    I would like to know what is the process for changing the name in Visa and then applying for change in I-94. So any idea about how long will this take.

    PS: I have no issues with the name in passport, its just that my Passport and Visa+ I-94 has the names interchanged WRT to Given name and Last name.

    Let me know. Since I have read many posts but could not find a proper solution to my problem.

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