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Need to attend in person for infant's H4 visa?

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  • Need to attend in person for infant's H4 visa?

    Myself, my wife and our first kid all have the approved Visa and am in US currently. My wife and first child are in India and we are expecting our second one in another few weeks.

    My question is do we need to take an appointment for getting visa to our second child or can we post the visa applications along with all required documents to the Chennai Consulate.

    If I look at the current visa appointment status in Chennai, the waiting time has already touched close to Mar'06.

    Do let me know if we need to plan to take an appointment for the new born. And if yes, then how do we book the web appointment, can we just book one appointment for the new born and my wife can physically take the kid by showing her stamped passport at chennai consulate. Or do we need to book an appointment giving details of both my wife and my second kid.

    Appreciate all your help in clarifying the dilemma (we have seen in the consulate site that kids less than 14 years of age and elders over and above 79 need not require finger printing. But the sentence was confusing and I was thinking both infants and pretty old people need not go for appointment and they can just post the application.

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    You have the following options:
    1. Send your wife and I child to get their stamping without the baby.
    2. Make an appointment for your new born baby with its passport number and its mother can take him/her along on that particular date for the stamping.
    3. Write to [email protected] and see what they have got to suggest to you in these circumstances.