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Problem with my H1B visa

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  • Problem with my H1B visa

    I am Anyam Ravi Kumar, a qualified Physical Therapsit from India. I got my H1B visa stamped on 30th aug,2004. But I did not go to USA because I did not pass the Test of Spoken English. To get Visa screening certificate I should Pass the Test of Spoken English. I am weak in Spoken English, so i could not pass the test though i attempted it 3 times. Now I am planning to come to US on That H1B visa and stay with my relative over there until I get me visa screening certificate. I want to write the test in USA. So please tell me whether it is possible to do that, If not could I change my visa status from H1B to Immigration.If any one knows the details regarding my queries Please let me know the details and do me the needful.

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    Is it mandatory that you have to pass this test to actually get employed? Legally you can start working in the US once you travel to the US after the stamping of your visa. Once in US, legally you should start working for the H1B employer. If you are not going to do that then there will be questions in the future about the lack of pay, etc for this period in case you or your dependants go to the consulate for any stamping. WHat exactly is this "Visa Screening Certificate"? Can you not start your employment without it?