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Mariage Certificate for H4 Visa

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  • Mariage Certificate for H4 Visa


    I am staying in US for 2 years and I am in L1 - B Visa. recently by H1B visa got approved. My wife and 2year kid having L2. they are also with me in US currently.
    I am going to apply H4 for them but we don't have marriage certificate.

    But we have affidavit certificate of our marriage saying we got married on so on so date with our both signatures and Indian government stamp.
    we have photo album, Wedding card.

    My wife also have my name on her passport.

    My Kid date of birth certificate having both of our names as father and mother with signature and stamp

    Both L2 Visa got approved and traveled to USA and staying with me since 1 year.

    1. Is this documents are enough for applying H4 to my wife and my kid.

    2. If not is there any other way of getting marriage certificate with out traveling to India

    Thanks & Regards,
    Suresh Kumar K