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H4visa interview help

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  • H4visa interview help

    Hi all,

    My husband just got his H1B approval on Nov 3rd 2013. He is already in the Usa as he was doing his masters. His job wud officially start from 10th Nov. He has sent me his scanned copies of his approval and booked an appointment for my H4 visa for Nov 21st. We have all the documents like offer letter I29 and I757 approval but since he will be starting work this week only, We will not have any payslips or W2.
    Will this be a problem? what are my chances? I have B2 visa already..and traveled to US once. Never overstayed. What are the possible questions that I should be prepared for? Pls help.


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    H4visa interview help

    Why can't you wait for three months to get his pay slip generated and can attend the interview after that. If that's possible, it would be much more easier.

    This is my opinion.