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H1 B transfer need help

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  • H1 B transfer need help

    Hi guys

    I am assuming it might be a old question but I couldnt find anything significant regarding my situation.

    So a consulting firm filed for my wife's(was on F2 that time) H1B on April 1 this year, we got a RFE regarding relationship with Employer and then we got it approved recently in Oct 2013.

    My wife do not have any background in IT but she has no issues in moving to IT industry BA roles.

    When we were not sure about her VISA, I thought of switching company and got a good opportunity on East coast (currently we are on west coast). Now the my wife's employer is saying it will not be possible for him to find a job in east coast, he is forcing us to stay at current place.

    We thought of H1b transfer but since my wife has not started working yet, we do not have any pay stubs which is why I think it might be difficult.

    Some people advised us to move to east coast and let the consulting firm cancel her VISA and file for H1b again from F2 to h1B, since she has already been in quota, she need not to wait for April.

    Please suggest what should we do?

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    Was the H1 petition for your wife approved with or without change of status?

    Was any extension of H4 status application filed along with your H1B transfer petition?
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.