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H1B-Extension Vs New H1B

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  • H1B-Extension Vs New H1B


    I was on H1B visa and completed 5 years in the US and came back to India recently. I still have another term of one more year of extension. My visa right now expires in a week. I have a question here. What happens if I apply for the H1B extension for one more year in parallel with another NEW FRESH H1B from someother company? I think the H1B quota for this is already over for NEW FRESH H1B and by the time it re-opens next year may be in Oct,2006, I will be completing 1 year of stay outside of the US so I get another 6 more years even if I have valid 1 year extension papers for old H1B. Is my assumption right? Please respond asap, so that I can decide whether to apply for extension now within 1 week?

    Thanks in Advance

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    There is no such thing as a FRESH H1B......your H1B quota is 6 years and then indefinite one year extensions....(dont know what indefinite means but thats what the websites say). For those six years you can have worked for 1 company or two hundred....doesnt matter.....it all counts as one H1B quota. If I am wrong please feel free to correct me anyone.