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Urgent advice on 221g needed

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  • Urgent advice on 221g needed

    I just recieved a 221g query at the consulate.
    This is what happened - they dint give me the passport back and said they wanted to verify the the authenticity of my undergrad certificates.
    She seemed satisfied with all the other documents related to H1 like the tax returns, photos and stuff and my experience certificates from the workplace here in India.

    My passport is still with her, she wanted me to send a DD addressed to my university for the verification thing.

    Does anybody know of the chances now, Iam worried, please advice!!
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    Verification of undergraduate certificates and work experience is very common at US Consulate offices in India. Normally US Consulate office contacts the college by phone and verifies if a particular person is a student in that college. If they don't receive a satisfactory answer ("no" or "don't know" ) from that college (imagine a general clerk or attendar taking calls who has no knowledge of how important that phone call is .....) , the consular officer asks to pay some fees to cover their expenses in mailing an enquiry form or letter to the college you mentioned as attended. It will be a very good thing to inform the administrative office personnel in your colllege about this verification by US consulate office and keep them prepared and informed so that no one drops the ball.