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Office Photo requirement of prospective employer

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  • Office Photo requirement of prospective employer


    There is a requirement at the time of h1b interview for inside and outside photograph of offices of prospective employer. Is this compulsory document requirement?

    I asked my employer but they showed their inability due to security reason .they gave letter also to this effect. Will this substitute the requirement of photographs

    Please reply ASAP

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    Photos inside and outside of work place are requested when the Visa officer cannot establish any valid information regarding the company or employer. This situation arises when the company or employer is very small.

    Many employers does not allow photos to be taken at work place due to various reasons and that is valid reason for them. Yes, you can produce a letter stating your inability to produce the photos. This will help. Also, if your employer has a web-site, it will be a good idea to take snap shots (color prints) of important web pages for your employer's web-site. This will help incase the web server is down at the time of your visa appointment and the Visa officer's inability to open the site to confirm the facts about the company.