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H1B stamping regarding marital status.

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  • H1B stamping regarding marital status.

    Hi ,
    I have big doubt on my H1B approved petition & stamping about marital status.

    Actually Im married on 2012 in india and after 6 months due to in compatibility i have applied for divorce (it is in progress as we know that it will take longer time in india if we are not going for mutual divorce) later i got selected in one of USA company and when my employer filed H1B I told like im single because as already applied for divorce.
    now my H1B petition is got approved so i need to go for stamping

    i have many doubts about my marital status.

    1) As i mentioned to employer earlier that im single can i go ahead with same or will it make problem because my divorce in progress(i didnt update in my passport ..only we have marriage certificate other that nothing we have).
    2) Is there any option to say while H1B stamping that im applied for divorce and waiting for it..will this make any issue bcz initially i told like im single to my employer.
    3) Suppose if i can say that im married and applied for divorce , after stamping , In USA is there any chance to apply divorce with existing divorce application.
    4) I have plan to go for second marriage in further will this impact future wife H4 visa.

    Could you please suggest me how to procced with visa stamping. only because these issues im not going visa stamping

    Thanks & regards

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    You are considered married until the divorce is legally completed. So answer accordingly on your Visa application.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      I am in same bote.

      please respond if you had gone to H1 B visa stamping and what changes you had to make to correct the marital status ?


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        i also have same problem.

        my marriage is not even registed. should i apply ds160 as single?. please help me. if i do remarriage, what is the process for h4. does divorce certificate and new marriage certificate is enough or it will make any problem