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Clarification in ADDRESS (H1B)

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  • Clarification in ADDRESS (H1B)

    Dear Friends,

    My wife is also coming with me, but as an individual H1B non-iimigrant...

    The fact is that her passport contains her native address. But now, in all petition documents we have given my native address. We are actually staying in Delhi, but both of us have not used that address, instead we have used my native address all through the petition documents...

    I will not any problem in the interview as i can tell this is my native address and the same reflects in my passport also.But for her, how do we prove the relationship with the address...she has neither used the address where she stays currently nor she has used her native address...

    Will this be a problem...???or it can be explained....Your comments are highly appreciated!!


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    My wife was from the Delhi area but her passport was made from Mumbai since she got it made after she got married to me (i stay in mumbai). She decided to get her visa done in Delhi and she got the visa there....they did not ask her any questions. Usually they are not very strict about where you apply (though 221(g) is a possibility). Thye are flexible to a limit. Unless you have just come to Delhi consulate because you felt like it even though yu are supposed to go to calcutta....will not beconsidered. But say you are from chennai but for the last few years have been living in Delhi (and you ahve proof of that.....maybe a drivers licence, electricity bills etc etc) you are more than welcome to apply at the Delhi consulate. I dont think that shud be a problem. Same applies to your wife since she is gonna be where you are going to be. The consular people are intelligent beings. They understand these ramifications.....yet know when we are fibbing. Highly specialized training does that to them plus loads and loads of experience.


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      Dear Kulbiker,

      Thanks a lot for your response...I can understand this very well...and i am sure it wont be a problem...

      Thanks again for you efforts you have made to portray this...

      Best Regards