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URGENT: H4 to H1B or H1B to H4 or out of status

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  • URGENT: H4 to H1B or H1B to H4 or out of status

    I am in a critical situation.

    I was in H4 and got my H1 approved this year. I am currently working in H1B.

    Before the my H1 approval came, my husband applied for his H1B extension along with my H4 visa extension as my H1B was not approved that time.

    We have applied to withdraw the petition for H4 but looks like it is late.

    1. If my husband's H1B gets approved along with my H4, what will be my status? What will happen to my H1B?
    2. Since I have applied for my H4 withdrawn, can I continue to work in my H1B even after my husband gets his H1B approval along with my H4 approval?
    3. If they approve my H4, will my H1B automatically gets cancelled?
    4. if my H1B cancelled, can I re-apply my H1B under H1B-Cap exempt again?
    5. if I reapply H1B under cap exempt during my withdrawn of H4 application, what will be my status?

    Please suggest me what would be the best scenario here.