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H4 Renewal Stamping without H1B stamp

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  • H4 Renewal Stamping without H1B stamp

    I came to US in Dec 2010 with a valid H4 visa expiring on 30th September 2011. Since then My husband and I, do not have the latest extension stamping on our passports. My husband's visa stamp expired on 30th sept 2011 too. He has his current extension till 2016. I, now plan to visit India alone in 2014. My question is: Can i get my H4 visa stamping without H1B stamping. Will there be any problem or hurdles in my stamping as my husband will be in the US during that time. I also plan to get my visa stamping appointment ASAP. Will they accept my case or will they reject it? Is my husband's presence important during my interview if I have all the valid documents?