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H1 Visa correction

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  • capriciousmaze
    My VISA application status has been changed to "Administrative processing". I am really concerned can some one please provide some insight here.

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  • capriciousmaze
    started a topic H1 Visa correction

    H1 Visa correction

    I recently received H1 B VISA stamped from Chennai consulate. Unfortunately, PN and P# entries have been printed incorrectly.

    I have submitted my application through VFS. It has been 5 working days and the status through passport tracked says
    "Your document is still with post" - still with consulate. I am already a week late and I am a bit concerned.

    Can you anyone please provide some insights for some questions below:

    1. Is VISA correction some thing "rare"? If not, can some one please post the past experiences (I tried searching)?

    2. I know there is no correct answer for "How many days does the processing take?" but based on experience whats the average

    3. Should I do something - like calling consulate or track at other places for the developments on my application.

    Any help will be much appreciated.