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Specific Question (H1B)

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  • Specific Question (H1B)

    Dear Friends and Ms. Veena,

    My wife is also coming to US in H1B along with me. Actually, both of us have same qualifications and same experience and infact we are currently working for same company..I got a job first in US, then when the employer asked about my wife for H4 processing, i explained the US employer about her qualifications and experience. They then interviewed her and found her as a suitable candidate for a position in the same company. So, now the employer has filed petition for both of us and we are going as individual H1B non-immigrants..

    So, now if the VO asks me/my wife, how did both of you get the job? what sh'd be the convincing answer..

    sh'd i say that i have forwarded her resume and she got the job.

    This seems to be very critical for both of us to answer.Please provide ur comments.


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    Hey Friends,

    Please provide your comments to this intricate question which we will be facing....I am very much worried!!



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      Hi Ganesh,
      I am unable to understand how the VO will know that your wife is also going on her own H1b. Each of you will be going separatly for the stamping, right?


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        Halo Ms.Veena,

        Thanks a lot for your response.

        Actually, i will be mentioning in the form DS-156, there is a question "Name & Relationship of the person travelling with you". For this i will mention my wifes name.

        Other than this, since i have ticked the option of married in DS-156, the VO will surely ask what about my wife/dependants. Whether i am taking her with me in H4 or not.Then i have to surely tell the VO that my wife is coming as an individual H1B non-immigrant!!

        So, it becomes complicate.I am very much tensed to handle this....Please help me out with this issue.What would be the apt way of presenting us!!

        Thanks again!!



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          Halo Ms.Veena,

          Further to this, even though we go seperately for interview, our interview date is same...Most horrible thing is her schedule is between 12.00 - 12.15 and my schedule is between 12.15 - 12.30

          Look at my condition!!



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            why dont u tell the truth
            she is going on independent H1B visa so whats the problem, so many couples are going on independent H1b
            One of my direct relative, both of them went on independent visa H1B, after some time his wife got changed back to H4 as she was not able to find a project
            she never had any problem


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              Dear Mr.ddlj,

              Thanks a lot for your reply..Actually i never had any intentions to lie..I just want to put the words in the right way when i explain this....I am clear now and if they ask us,,,i am just going to tell, both of us are going as individual H1B non-immigrants.

              One more thing, actually, i got the job first, then i explained about my wifes experience to my employer, so he was interested and then he interviewed her and finall they were ready to offer her an H1B in the same company....If i explain the VO, this real story...will it be acceptable!!! is it fair enough to tell like this...Because the VO sh'd not think my wife has got through some recommendation....!!!

              what do you feel about this...Please give in ur inputs..