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h1b stamping --Urgent

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  • h1b stamping --Urgent


    thanks a lot for posting experiences of interviews.. it would be appreciated if anybody give me some suggestions. My petetion for h1b approved recently..I am attending h1b interview in october

    I am from non IT background ( done bachelors in mechanical engineering) and worked in a small software company for two years in india.. after that i came to Uk to do masters in control systems Engineering ( Electrical and Electronics ) in university of sheffield, UK. after finish my degree i got a gap of one year and then i am currently working in GE on engineering software developement from about 6 months.. and i got a f1 refusal in india and a business visa refusal in london for an internship ( both of them are 214(b))..

    please tell me what are the probable questions??
    will there be any impact because of f1 and b1 refusals???
    what is the convincing answers for covering the gap of year before joining GE???
    any impact because of non it background???

    I had a offer letter saying job role of programmer analyst based on experience in C++ and matlab which i extensively used in masters and GE ...

    please post me suggestions and thanks in advance