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H1-B Reapplication

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  • H1-B Reapplication

    I inteviewed at US Consulate at New Delhi on 03/10/05 for H1-B. I was thoroughly interviewed about my past experience and just 3 questions regarding the company.
    The consular officer asked for 2 additional documents to support the job (a letter from client regarding the duration of project and the project profile). I plan on getting these documents next week and going to the consulate.
    Does this constitute as a rejection?
    Does anybody have any experience in this scenario? If yes, what was the outcome and was any additional documentation needed.


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    you were not rejected its just called a query commonly refered as 221(g). Most probably the VO wanted to check if there is something for you in USA or not. A lot of the times the company may call an H1b guy but he/she may sit idle till the company gets a project for him or her. So its just a safety precaution they take and this way they can also check if how interested the company is in you.