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H1B consular process

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  • H1B consular process

    Hi All,

    I am in my 6th year of my H1B Visa. I have applied for my GC more than a year ago. My current visa is valid till 11th Oct,2005.

    My lawyer has filed for my 7th year H1B extension in Aug 2005, but in the Consular processing mode. My lawyer said that she applied H1B extension in Consular processing mode because I was in India (for vacation) at that time.

    I want to know if its right to apply the H1B extension in Consular processing mode while I was in India for a vacation.
    I also want to know if I can stay after 11th Oct,2005 without receiving the approval notice from INS.
    Also what is the procedure to convert the H1B extension pocessing from consular mode back to the normal mode?