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H1B Visa(221g) Can i go for B1?

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  • H1B Visa(221g) Can i go for B1?

    Attended chennai consulate 1 month back and got 221g(with some x company). Consulate Officer has requested for few more documents. Will be going for H1B stamping next month with all the relevant documents.

    In the mean time my present employer has asked me to file for B1(Business visa).

    So here are my questions?
    1)Can i go for B1 stamping first and then H1B stamping or vice-versa.
    2)If B1 stamped then will there be any problem when i go for h1b stamping ?
    3)Can i have both H1b and B1 stamped, if yes then what would be the order of stamping ?

    I am totally confused, infact i wanted to get both stamped and take an appropriate step based on circumstances and conditions. I hope you have understood my probelm.

    Please help me!!!!!!

    Thanks & Regards

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    H1B Visa(221g) Can i go for B1?


    You cannot have both H1b and B1 visas. If you get your H1B stamped and attend for a B1 your H1B will be cancelled. They will cancel it without prejudice.

    You can attend a B1 VISA though your H1B was refused on 221(g) provided your company provides good documentation for B1.

    Hope this helps.