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I797 Approval Notice with incorrect/old I94 number

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  • I797 Approval Notice with incorrect/old I94 number

    I applied H1B in 2013, and before H1B petition visited India in 2012. The I94 in I797 Approval Notice should reflect the I94 before H1B petition.

    The I797 Approval Notice received in 2013 had I94 which I received when travelling to India in 2008.

    I recently found the issue about wrong I94 number with the I797 Approval notice, and had the attorney from my current employer who applied my H1B Visa in 2013 have fix it. Recently received E mail from USCIS the I94 number has been corrected and an amended approval will be mailed.

    Recently I received a offer from another employer, and I have filed H1B Transfer petition with them with the I94 received while visit to India in 2012 before H1B petition, and I797 Approval Notice with wrong I94 when travelling to India in 2008, so that it matches the entry records.

    I have few concerns relating to the I94 issue in I797 Approval Notice.

    1) Is there going be inconsistent with the H1B transfer petition filed with new employer and H1B with current employer, causing further issues.
    2) Do I need to leave U.S and reenter with new employer H1B petition in order for it to be effective.
    3) If I leave U.S need to have H1B stamping (as my Passport doesn't have H1B Visa stamped) before entering U.S, if I do stamping with the new employer will there be any issues while H1B stamping, since I haven't started working with new employer (i.e no paystubs)