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H1b rejected

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  • H1b rejected

    Hi, I am posting this question behalf of my friend.
    Last year my friend’s employer has applied the h1b for him. And received RFE and employer replied to RFE but h1b got denied by USCIS by saying below reason. I am trying to understand why it is denied, is employer did not provide the proper job description for position? What is the exact reason? Thanks.
    Based on the described duties for the preferred position, you have not demonstrated that the position involved the theoretical and practical application of a highly specialized body of knowledge. Although some of the duties would appear to require the beneficiary to have an understanding of principals in computer programming, software applications. However the question is not whether the position requires knowledge of principals in computer programming or software applications, but rather whether it is one the normally required the level of knowledge that is signified by at least a bachelor degree, in computer software applications.

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    Non computer science education

    Your friend would not have bachelor's degree in computer science or related field.
    Employer could have established the fact that your friend has equivalent knowledge in computer science by providing expect letter at time of responding to rfe