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L1, H1 total duration

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  • L1, H1 total duration

    I was on L1-B visa and in the US between Jan 2009 to Dec 2010 (23 months). Then moved back to India and applied for a fresh H1-cap and traveled to US on H-1 in July 2011 (3 months). Given that, my current H1 is a fresh application and not a L1 to H1 conversion... What is the total duration I can stay in the US? Will it be my L1 + current H1 OR the 6 year period just starts with the current H1 visa? Could someone please help

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    As there was not a 1 year gap between you leaving on L1 and returning, the L1 time will get added to the 6 year limit. So you would be eligible for 6 minus time spent in L1+ H1.

    This is my opinion not legal advice.