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H1-B Termination While H1-B Transfer in Process with RFE

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  • H1-B Termination While H1-B Transfer in Process with RFE

    Hello Friends,

    I am desperate situation and need your help. I had a valid H1-B approval notice expiring on 06/09/2016 from my previous employer. I transferred to my current employer on 07/29/2013 and we got RFE on Jan 22nd. We have responded to RFE just few days back. I just got termination notice today saying I will be no longer employed with them from 04/11/2014 as they were running into financial trouble and cannot support my pay. In the meanwhile, I had started looking for new job and have got offer. They have filed for LCA on 04/03/2014 and are expecting it to arrive tomorrow.

    I wanted to know what are my options at this point?
    Can I transfer to other visa status?
    Am I out of status already?
    How would it affect my H1-B application with new employee?
    At this point, does it count as H1-B transfer if they file before my termination date? What are the chances of it getting approved?

    Looking forward to your expert responses. Thanks.

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    Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.