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  • H1b to B2

    Hi, My H1B 6 years is going to expire in August 2014. My labor for GC is recently filed. My attorney asked me to leave the country until my labor and I-140 is approved. But my wife is going through some medical treatment which we can not stop in the middle. That was started a year back and still going until end of September. Now I would like stay in US on B1/B2 visa for one more month after august and finish the treatment and then go to India. So that I can full fill both cases(Treatment and Status). Now my questions are since I am still on valid status until August 2014,

    1. How to file transfer from H1B to B2? Give some guidelines or links where I can get the information.
    2. How long does it take to transfer? Is there any premium process for this??
    3. What kind of documents they may need from me?
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