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H1B.Afraid would be laid off pretty soon.

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  • H1B.Afraid would be laid off pretty soon.


    I am currently working in a major tech company on H1B visa which is valid till 2016.
    I am afraid that I might be fired within next two months.

    My spouse is also on H1B visa.
    I have the following questions:

    1. By what time line I should file H1B to H4 Change of status request to avoid being out of status?
    2. If I find a company that is ready to sponsor my H1B , then by what timeline my new employer needs to complete the paperwork so that I do not become out of status?
    3. Can I start working for my new employer if the paperwork is in a submitted state?
    4. What are the documents needed for transfering from H1b to H4?

    Please give me some advice as I am in really bad shape.

    Thanks in advance for your help.