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Degree obtained in 1 year - H1B - Super Complicated situation

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  • Degree obtained in 1 year - H1B - Super Complicated situation

    Hello everybody,
    first of all, I would like to introduce myself.

    My name is Nicholas and I live in the Czech Republic.

    I have a very complicated situation that I hope I will be able to sort out thanks to your expertise.

    Here some information about my background:
    - 25 years old;
    - 5 years of work (I worked for four WorldWide IT Companies. Three years have been as external contractor);
    - I have references/proof from every company;
    - My position is Pre-Sales consultant, and my career basically can be summarized as: 1 year as helpdesk, 1 year as Network support specialist, 3 years in Pre-Sales and IT Consultancy;
    - I currently hold the following certifications: Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCDA, TOGAF 9 Architecture, ITIL v3 Foundation
    - I speak two languages.

    Now, the main problem comes now, the above was pretty straightforward.

    I hold a Bachelor of Science (with Honours) from Teesside University, in the United Kingdom:
    The school is a public UK school, fully accredited, and my degree states I have been study at them.
    The problem is that I have done this degree in only 1 year.

    In Prague there is a school, which is NOT ACCREDITED in the Czech Republic, called "Prague College", that is a Partner Institution of Teesside University:
    Prague College does not give ANYTHING to its student, it only delivers the Teesside University program.
    Then, marks and everything related is given by the mother institution in UK, and the Degree is awarded by them.

    So my degree is a normal degree from Teesside University.

    I did it in one year because people from Prague College, when I enrolled, considered my background already quite advanced, and they offered me to join the Top-Up Course, which basically it covers only the third year of the UK Bachelor Degree, and they have confirmed to Teesside that my background fulfilled their requirements.

    So right now I have a 3 years degree, but taken in 1 year doing only 4 classes plus the Thesis.
    But is fully legit, and it can be checked and verified without issues.

    I have the chance to move to California with my employer, and I do not know how to justify my situation, and I do not know if can be acceptable for USCIS.
    I haven't done anything "bad" or anything not legit, but I understand that the whole situation is quite tricky.

    What are your suggestions?