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H1 Transfer Receipt notice time - Regular processing

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  • H1 Transfer Receipt notice time - Regular processing

    I have a very simple question.
    My H1 transfer has been initiated i.e. documents are sent to USCIS on Apr 17th 2014 through regular processing.

    1. How long does it take to get the receipt notice?
    2. How long does it take for H1 transfer approval?

    As everyone does, I am planning to move after receipt notice.
    Please chime your opinion! much appreciate your time and answers.. thank you!

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    response to this thread would be much appreciated!


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      HI Jason, im in the same boat did you get the receipt yet?, my employer sent my application on 17th April- regular processing


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        H1 transfer Regular processing time 2-3 months

        This is my H1 transfer story:
        I recently transferred my H1 from former employer to new employer(Big company). New employer initiated H1 transfer and within a week, I got a receipt from USCIS. So I started working for new employer.
        And months passed...i was desperately waiting for H1 approval as I need to travel. I thought of applying for premium but finally I found good news in USCIS web site saying your H1 approved. It took 2 months 23 days.

        So If you don't have travel you can go for regular processing.
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