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Duplicate Approval Notice --> Form I-824

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  • Duplicate Approval Notice --> Form I-824

    Hello Members,
    Good Evening !! My employer had applied for H1-B extension early this year and he says that he did not receive the receipt notice for it from USCIS.
    We got the receipt number from back of encahsed check paid for this H1-B extension. When checked the status online, it stated that "On February xx, 2014, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER." It's nearing 2.5 months from now and have not yet received the approved petition too.
    When my immigration team spoke to INS officer, he requested that we file an I-824 Form for INS to issue a duplicate approval notice and said it happens quite often nowadays.
    Now the new issue is, in this course of time, during 3rd week of March, I lost my job due to acquisition of my client from a bigger company.
    For searching a new job, every vendor or the client is asking for the latest I797 copy or at least a receipt notice to verify online on the status (both of which my employer is not able to provide at this point of time because of the situation explained and my current H1 is expired), due to which I am jobless and employer is not paying during this period.Also, need to travel to my home country for personal family engagement.

    1. May I know is it possible at least to request for the duplicate receipt notice from USCIS because I-824 Form is for issuing duplicate approved notice
    2. My employer says they have filled & submitted Form I-824. May I know how long it will take to receive the duplicate approved notice from USCIS.
    3. Is there any special possibility for requesting INS officers to expedite the process of sending the duplicate copy keeping in view of my above situation.

    I Kindly request you to guide or suggest on this situation. Please help me what best I can do. Thank you.