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    My H1 expires in September 30,2014. Can somebody please let me know the following regarding my wife's H4 Visa :

    1. Can my wife travel USA in August end with H4 valid only for 1 month ? Will there be any technical problem with a visa in hand valid for only 1 month ?

    2. While my company is planning to file my extension in July end once my spouse enters (August end) the country can her extension be applied separately or do I need to wait until she is in and need to apply extension along with her I-94 ?

    3. If my extension is already applied can her extension be applied separately ?

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    H4 Visa Enquiry

    1. No
    2. You cannot apply extension when she is out of country as it is not a continuous stay.
    3. Yes, it is possible once she is here. If you are applying in premium, then you can wait for her arrival and apply together. It would help to get the decision together in 15 days.

    This is my opinion.
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