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L1B to H1B COS and Visa Stamping

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  • L1B to H1B COS and Visa Stamping

    I entered the US on L1B with an Indian passport, the stamped visa is valid till 3-Oct-2014. My company had applied for an extension of my L1B visa which was approved and the visa was extended till Oct-2015.

    Last month my company filed for my H1B which was approved, the petition expiration date is 5-Sept-2017. My current I-94 was also extended till 5-Sept-2017. I am planning to visit Peru on a personal trip in September this year and I have a few questions as follows

    - Should I be re-entering on L1-B or H1-B? In case I should re-enter on H1-B I would first need the visa to be stamped?

    - I have an Indian passport so do I need to go to India to get the H1-B stamp? Or can I get the stamp in Peru during my visit in September?