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H1B Transfer questions

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  • H1B Transfer questions

    I have applied for H1B this year, assuming i get selected and stamped.

    In a scenario that current employer is unable to place me in US and i stay in India.

    How long can i stay in india before my US VISA expires?

    Is it possible for Employer B to apply for my transfer without I-797/Pay Stubs and just Receipt number?

    If my current employer becomes aware can he "hinder" my transfer in any way? ( i am assuming no since i would already be stamped)

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      H1B Transfer questions

      Any employer can do H1 transfer even if you are in india. Your H1 status would start only after your arrival here in the US. So, you don't need to have a payslip.

      It would be better if you have a copy of the approved petition for a new employer to transfer.

      This is my opinion.