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Need suggestion related to H4 visa

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  • Need suggestion related to H4 visa

    Hi all:
    I am an Indian citizen working in the USA on H1-B visa. I am going to India to get married in January. My Fiancee is from a Slavik country. She has five years multiple visa to the USA and she has already been to US two times. She will be flying to India from her country in January for marriage.
    Now, after marriage...
    1) does anybody know if we apply for PIO (Person of Indian Origin) card for her in India, how long does it take to approve and arrive?
    2) Does she have to apply for H-4 visa or can she come to US on her current Visitor's visa? (I called USCIS they informed visitor's visa does not become invalid just because person got married)
    3) Can she fly to USA from India after marriage based on her visitor's visa? Or will she have to go back to her own country and then buy RETURN TICKET to the US from her own country?
    4) Can she apply for H4 visa from India? (She does not hold Indian passport or PIO).
    5) What all documents would she need in order for her to apply H4 visa from her own country?
    6) Would anybody advise that we apply for her H-4 visa once she is in the US on her visitor's visa, after we got married?

    I would really appreciate valuable feedback of a person or knows a person who might have gone through similar situation.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best wishes
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