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Questions regarding DS 160

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  • Questions regarding DS 160

    1. I have interned at a few places. These are mentioned in my resume. Should I mention these under "past employment"? They were unpaid.
    2. I am currently interning (end date: 12 July) but I can only enter either my education or this internship under "current" (paid internship). Should I just not fill this internship? Or alter the end date and fill (though the documentation letters say 12 July).
    3. My mother's name is listed as A B CDEFGH (where A, B are not expanded) on my passport. On her passport, surname is crossed out and her expanded name is written. On her US visa, her last name was entered as surname and the rest, expanded, were written as given names. What do I fill in my DS 160 (under given name, surname)?