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  • H4 Visa for Spouse

    Greeting Everyone,

    I am presently working for Company A on H1B visa and on the basis of this, my soon to be wife (July Wedding)who is in India will apply for H4 visa. I will return to states on H1b with company A. After she gets her H4 and arrives to USA, I am planning to accept another offer from Company B in the coming month. Since the H4 visa will have the company A details, if I were to accept the new offer from company B, how would that affect H4 of my spouse? I know once I get my H1b transferred to company B, I would have to go to US consulate in India for re stamping of my visa whenever I decide to visit India in the future for re entry into USA. Would she have to re apply for H4 visa as well? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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