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Immigration/Visa for Son's OnGOing Treatment

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  • Immigration/Visa for Son's OnGOing Treatment


    Currently I am in kind of very complex situation.

    I am working in one of the MNCs and in US on H-1 Visa. My 6 years will get complete in Oct 2016. My company does not file GC.

    The problem is: I got blessed with a baby boy in May 2013. Before few months, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and will require rigorous Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy to minimize his overall disability. His doctor has said that he will require PT and OT for at least 3-4 years so that he can at least properly walk and balance.

    We have already started with PT and OT and the progress looks very promising. But only concerning factor is I have only 2.5 years with me. So I wanted to know is that any immigration status or visa available that would make sure that I can stay in US and can work while my US-citizen son is undertaking his treatment.

    I have no intention to settle down in US and was ready to go back after 6 years but now my son's curent situaltion has added a lot of pressure and stress on me.

    Please help.