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Employer Change in CoS Approved petition - Possible ?

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  • Employer Change in CoS Approved petition - Possible ?

    Hi Friends,

    I have a CoS approved petition for L1B->H1B, but I lost my L1B Status now as I moved out of the country.

    1. On Feb 2013 : I was working for "Company A" in L1 B visa in USA.
    2. April, 2013: "Company B", applied "Change of status" for me to H1B.
    3. July, 2013 : I left the country, thus by invalidating my L1 status then.
    4. October, 2013 : My "CoS" is successfully lotteried and approval petition obtained.
    5. Now, "Company B" telling me that they can't do anything unless I come back to USA in L1 status. Otherwise, it's just like "water on the pest".
    6. I still work for "Company A" in different country and they stopped processing L1 anymore.

    Now My Doubts:
    1. Is it possible to change the "Change of Status" Approval petition to 'Visa to be applied in the foreign country' category.
    2. Is it possible to change the employer in "Change of Status" approval petition itself.
    3. Is it possible for me to enter the country in B1 and then go with COS. for B1 to H1B ?

    Ideally, I would like to try the option of checking with "Company B" for employer transfer to "Company A" ( if legally possible and Allowed ), and asking "Company A" to send me in B1 and change the status to H1B visa. ( if legally possible and Allowed, B1->H1 can be accepted for COS, when the application is made for L1->H1).

    your pointers would be utmost helpful.

    Thanks in advance.