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Applying for H4 from B1

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  • Applying for H4 from B1


    I initially visited US in Sept'13 with my B1 to attend conferences at Harvard University. I returned back to India in Jan'14.
    I got married in Feb'14 and my husband visited his consulting company on his B1 on 08th March'14 and I came on 11th March'14 to US with my B1 (we couldn't travel together due to a ticket issue) and I entered US with agenda consisting of attending conferences related to project management have been researching on writing my technical book.
    My husband's company wanted him to stay longer on a project and have sponsored him his H1B, he has to go back in August for his stamping.
    What are my options for applying H4? I'm seeing a lot of 221Gs floating around and very worried. We both are technical writers and during both our B1 visits we have been researching our books, whilst my husband has published his book, I have my manuscripts and would be ready for publishing later this year. What are the possible implications if I go for stamping together with my husband?